The Omnipotent is Prescient and Present

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

I often get the specific sense that God has orchestrated events in my life. . .from small things to big.  It’s not always as they are happening, of course.  Sometimes it’s in hindsight that I see.  However, sometimes it’s right in the moment.

As a researcher and former teacher of statistics, I’m familiar with the concept of chance and randomness.  It is those two culprits that often get the credit or blame for circumstances of life.

However, as in this morning, as I was having a time of worship after my workout with tunes playing on my s7, it hit me that this time of worship was exceptionally good and I could sense God’s presence.  Sure, some would say that is familiarity with the songs, a personal affinity for the song style and worship leader, etc.  Some would point to the “randomness” that was simply generated by the algorithm of the program and that it really wasn’t a God-designed moment.  Maybe they’re right.

But what if that algorithm simply got a “nudge” from God to play those songs.  Back it up further, what if that programmer or mathematician who designed the algorithm was following the leading of the Holy Spirit in working out that formula, consciously or not.  What if God said, “Josh is going to need that on February 2.  I want him to feel My presence in his life and know that I love him.  Here’s the way to design the formula that will get that just right for that day.”

I don’t know if it happened that way, but it could.  His strength and power is perfect.

He is not only omnipotent, He is prescient.  He is not only prescient. . .He is present. . .in my life and in those who serve Him. . .every day, at every moment, in every breath.


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