Praise Him for. . .

This morning, I’m struck with how much praise God deserves.

He deserves praise for things on a big scale. He is God of all creation. . .creating it so that He could show love to creation.He is the God who made the earth that I enjoy, the creation that has such beauty. He deserves praise for the vast universe, of which I only see a small glimpse in the stars.

He deserves praise for all that He has given me: my wife, my kids, the family I grew up in, my dog, my possessions, my education, my career, my very breath.

He deserves praise for His willingness to send His only Son to rescue me, remove my sin and shame, and bless me with His grace and mercy.

He deserves praise for the smallest things in showing me His care for things that matter to me and His provision for them.

If I praised Him straight through a whole lifetime, it would never be enough to thank Him for all He’s done.

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