Not of this World: Reflections on D-Day

Yesterday, we remembered D-Day which happened 75 years ago. D-Day was a great triumph over evil that was in the world at the time. The power of Nazism was curtailed. Some refugees and prisoners were freed from the death camps. Many died in those death camps. Many, of course, died in sacrifice to protect the freedoms we have today.

As I reflected on the news of the day with my wife last night, I made the statement that we are (still) living in an upside-down world. The tension between political parties in the U.S. alone is so very bad. The rights of the unborn are on the rise but the left scream with near demonic pitch about the rights of the woman to kill that unborn baby. While the censorship of the Nazis was overcome with the triumphs of the Allied Forces in World War II, we see a sanctioned censorship of conservative (and, more often, Biblical) ideals in the world today. Even purported “Christian” groups support these anti-Biblical perspectives in many cases. A number of Christian singers that I follow nearly refuse to see the underlying goodness being accomplished by conservative groups and political figures and instead trumpet the party line of the left. There is no willingness to reason together in most political cases today between the parties.

Followers of Jesus are in a tough place today. While the rights of those in America are under attack, there are those in other countries that are being martyred for their faith. While we may feel the emotional, psychological, and even physical attacks, we are only getting what was promised: “In this world, you will have trouble. . .” That was a promise we received from Jesus. Last I checked, all the promises of the Bible are mine. ;-$ Fortunately, that promise didn’t end there. Jesus continues in John 16:33: “. . .But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

So, while it saddens me to see this happening, it only helps me remember: I am not of this world. My citizenship rests in another realm. I’m an ambassador, representing the King. I’m a minister, standing in the place of THE Great One. As a result, despite the heartache that I feel when I see the lost react in the way that they do, I’m energized to be a light on the path to Jesus, my King. I’m moved to let the Holy Spirit stir up the gifts within me and give me the witty ideas that will reach those lost for Him. I’m reinvigorated to take on the next battle, not with the weapons of hatred or war, but one of loving the literal hell out of those that need Him just as much as I do.

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