Lean In. . .

I was taking my daughter to school today (for the last day of school before summer break – WOOHOOO!). Shasta the dog was along for the ride. (She LOVES to go for a ride in the car and gets annoyed when she can’t go.) Usually, after I drop kids off and its just me and the dog, she wants all my attention. She wants me to pet her constantly. If I stop, she tries to get in my lap or at least get my attention so I will start petting her again. Today was no exception. As I was scratching the top of her head, she began to really lean into it and get this look of dog satisfaction on her face. She knew what she wanted and the satisfaction that it would bring.

I’ve seen similar reactions of my kids when they want to be close to Christine or me. They get up close to us and want our attention. They want to lean on us and be as close as they physically can. They want our love and affection. . .as imperfect as it is. It doesn’t have to be more than an arm around them. They just want to know that we love them and care for them.

We get so busy in our work and lives that we sometimes forget to make this a practice in our relationship with God. God wants us to lean in and seek Him in a relationship with Him. Unlike us, His ability to pay attention and love us beyond measure never stops. Not only do we need what He has for us, He wants it too. He created us for that very purpose: to love us and love on us. All we have to do is lean in.

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