Going Home

I’m sitting in the airport on my way home from a trip to meet up with clients at a Leadership Conference. As I think about going home, it warms my heart. I’m a complete homebody. I could spend all week holed up at home without going outside and be just fine (particularly during the cold months). I’ve been this way for a long time, even before I worked from home. I remember a trip going home to Cleveland. As we prepared to land in Cleveland, the clouds were hanging low, there was drizzle in the air, and I was so glad to be getting home (despite the geosynchronous cloud cover from August to May in Cleveland).

With my role doing higher education consulting, there are a number of times each year that I venture out of my comfort zone to go to conferences, client institutions, etc. In those times where I have work today away from home, I’m on high alert. I’ve got a specific task and then I get to go home and see my kids and wife. . .and the office mascot, Shasta the dog. 😉 The tasks require focus with the end goal in mind if they are to be of any corporate value. I have to work with service in mind, both to the client and to the company.

As I reflect on the bigger picture, I’m on high alert in this life. I’m working with focus to accomplish the goal to which God has called me. I live this life with purpose, intensity, and consistency to do the most I can to do what He wants me to do.

. . .and then I get to go Home. I will see family, friends, and the saints who have gone before me. Most importantly, I will see the Giver of Life, the Maker of the Universe, the Comforter of my soul. Then my earthly longing for “home” will be complete forever.

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