A Vision for Christian Higher Education

Now more than at any time in its history, Christian Higher education is in a place of transition. We, as its leaders, must choose well how we respond.

Will we capitulate to the demands of a society that continually slides into an agnostic (at best) or an atheist mindset?

Will we let infighting between this denomination or that, this fellowship or that, this group or that, cause further division in the church?

Will we allow the riches of this world to render us useless to heaven’s cause?

Or will we, the body and bride of Christ, stand up and unite, set apart for the holiest of callings, and walk out the greatest of commissions the world has known?

Will we reach the lost through directly educating them in our classrooms as a missions effort or prepare others to go outside our walls, prepared for ministry both in and outside the traditional pulpit?

Christian Higher Education leaders must tear away at the unimportant and status quo of their institution to get to what really matters: reaching others for Jesus Christ. We as leaders can’t resign ourselves to the same methods that have worked in the past because we insist that Jesus would have done education this way (that is, the semester-based, traditional format). Instead, we must let God’s mercies be new every morning and capture the attention of a new generation of learners who need the old Gospel story. We must compel them to come in by innovative means. We must share the story in as many means as God enables us to do it. We have been brought to the kingdom for such a time as this.

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