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For years, InterLearn has been developing curriculum for its clients.  We've developed training, associate's, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral level college courses.  We've always done that for corporate clients.


With the advent of InterLearn Institute, we are now taking a step further by offering courses directly to students.  InterLearn Institute, using our own online learning management system account (Edvance360), offers courses directly to students.    Our courses are five (5) weeks in length for three (3) semester hours, completely online, and asynchronous (complete when it's convenient for your schedule).  Our faculty have all the academic and experiential qualifications to meet the strictest accreditation standards.  

Plus, because our goal is to keep you out of debt, we keep our prices as low as possible so you can pay cash.  Our rates are about the same that you would pay for a community college education and yet get a private college education.   

There are three programming options for:


  • Concurrent College Students.  Need a course or two while you're a student at another institution to graduate on time? We can provide nearly on-demand offering of courses to help you with the permission of your college.  

  • Dual Degree and Concurrent High School Students.  We work with high schools to develop dual degree and concurrent programming that allows high school students to complete up to an associate's degree while still in high school.  With dual degree programming, college courses count for high school courses at the same time.  

  • Adult Students Finishing Up Their Degrees.  We work with adult students to help them complete their degrees as quickly and efficiently as possible.  ​

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