Until now, I have refrained from sending out a message from our companies regarding COVID-19 since I had nothing to add nor did I want to contribute to anyone’s fear on the subject.  However, as many institutions are considering alternate plans for operations, particularly those that are doing education, training, and development of students and team members, it seemed to be the right time to put out some information that will, hopefully, help rather than scare.  As our businesses work in the realm of online education, training, and development, we know about developing online education and training.   


If you are a higher education institution, an elementary/secondary institution, a church, or business wishing to educate, train, or develop those in your care, I would like to share a few things that will hopefully help you in that pursuit. 


To begin, online education has shown equal or BETTER outcomes than traditional, face-to-face education.  There are hundreds of studies, compiled in a report by the U.S. Government, that show this information. If you would like to see some of that research, please contact our offices and we can share that information with you. 


Secondly, InterLearn, InterLearn Institute, and Progressus have team members that can assist you in helping your students or team members get their needed education, training, or development.  We can:


  • Help teachers or trainers adjust to an online environment

  • Set up content effectively in an online environment

  • Help teachers design discussion and assignments for online learning

  • Help your programs maintain quality despite the change in practice


If you need help, contact us by telephone (918-895-1185), email (jfischer@interlearned.com), or set up a web conference through Calendly (www.calendly.com/InterLearn).


Finally, maintaining quality is a central focus for what we do, and our team want your teams to be able to do the same thing.  Here are a couple of resources that your leaders may wish to use should they decide to move their education, training, and development online:



At our companies, we want you to continue to succeed in your work to educate, train, and develop.  If we can help you, please let us know: 


Telephone: (918) 895-1185

Email: jfischer@interlearned.com

Schedule a Web Conference:  www.calendly.com/InterLearn



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